Weighing Surgeries in Light of a Breast Cancer Gene

Einstein-Cardozo M.B.E. student Jill Werman Harris, recently weighed the pros and cons of preventive surgery options for women who carry the BRCA gene mutation, which puts them at higher risk for breast cancer. This is an excerpt from her piece in the New York Times Well Blog.

Women with BRCA mutations often opt for RRSO. But there is a debate among experts over whether this strategy is the best one for all women, and many patients are caught in the middle, struggling to balance conflicting information about hysterectomy as part of risk-reducing surgery.

“There definitely is an ongoing sense of confusion, and women do agonize over this,” said Sue Friedman, executive director of the group Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered. “There are a lot of gynecologists and oncologists who have a strong opinion for or against removing the uterus.”

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